Do I need a referral?


Do I have to pay?

Yes, but in special circumstances or for pensioners concessions apply.

How do I claim?

Medicare rebate only unless a private in-hospital patient

(Medicare rebate can be claimed electronically if patient has registered their bank account details with medicare)

How can payment be made?

Cash, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard and Amex

Do I need to fast etc?

No , but for specific instructions for different type of scans see preparation section on the back of referral

Do you have 3 or 4D? What is the difference?

3D is a 3 dimensional image of the baby. It is a “still” image of the baby in 3D. 4D is a “video” image you see the baby’s actual movements in 3D imaging (the 4th dimension is TIME or movement)

Do I have to pick up report/films?

No – they are sent out to referring doctor by either post, electronic reporting or hand delivery.

Can I request a Sonographer?


How long will I be there? Do you run on time?

Most appointments are 30mins but this does depend on the type of appointment. Generally we run to time unless there is a delay due to a complicated case.

When are you open?

Office hours 9am - 5pm. Contact Us.

Do I get DVD’s / Photos?

Yes, photos are provided for no extra cost, DVDs are available for $10

How many visitors can I take into the scanning room?

3 other people are usually as many as can comfortably observe the scan. You may need a friend or family member to take responsibility for small children who will need to be supervised during the scan.

Where are you located?

Please click here.

Parking Fees?

Yes ($3 for first hour and $5 for two hours)

What if I am running late for my appointment?
Please notify staff if you are running late as soon as possible. If you are 15 mins late we will need to rebook you.

SMS appointment confirmation is sent to each patient with a mobile number, usually one day prior.